Alcohol, Aggression, and Violence: From Public Health to Neuroscience PMC

We utilize an accessibility interface that allows persons with specific disabilities to adjust the website’s UI (user interface) and design it to their personal needs. From all of us at New Method Wellness co-occurring treatment center, we wish you peace and serenity in knowing that you or your loved one will get the necessary help. There is nothing wrong with seeking out assistance to help you or your loved one with anger that just doesn’t seem to subside. At least half of the sexual assaults which occur between acquaintances involve alcohol, either by the perpetrator, the victim, or most commonly, both. When you put the two together the likelihood of regrettable decisions increases tenfold.

  • But whatever those turn out to be, the initial spark of anger is always allowed.
  • Feelings of anger can be so powerful that they cloud their judgment and second-guess their reasons for being sober.
  • Find some help before anger leads to consequences that might not be easy to come back from.
  • Therefore, people who rely on drinking as a coping mechanism can be more inclined to make rash choices, such as having unprotected sex or getting into a car with a stranger.
  • Factors such as personality traits and comorbidities with other psychiatric disorders along with environmental stressors influence how one could engage in violent behaviors.

Intimate partner violence is of great concern when it comes to alcohol and anger. Violence can occur in marriages, long-term partnerships, and dating relationships. There are a number of cognitive, neurobiological, and social factors that can influence how alcohol affects aggression. This point is easier said than done, but you can achieve it with help from a treatment program.

The Relationship Between Anger and Aggression

Some individuals exhibit “trait anger,” a personality trait that means they continually look for triggers that make them angry. Self-awareness is important for everyone’s mental health, but it is especially necessary for people with AUD and anger issues. Understanding your emotions and making alcoholic rage syndrome smart decisions about alcohol consumption is the best way to avoid problems. Sometimes, drinking alcohol can cause people to become an “angry drunk”. Anger and violence when drinking often show themselves in a macho manner, and males are far more likely to be aggressive while intoxicated.

Aside from existing anger issues, people can turn into aggressors when drinking for several reasons. In addition to the tips above, there are several techniques that can help you address feelings of anger in the moment they arise. Practicing an anger management technique can help you recognize when you’re angry and gain a sense of control before taking action. Sometimes medications may be used in alcohol addiction treatment. These medicines can help reduce the negative side effects of detoxification and withdrawal.

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